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A masterclass, something to aim at when presenting online.
    - Sam Derby, Oriel Square Ltd, UK

A highly-interactive course, delivered virtually, to equip you to run virtual training with impact

Learn how to adapt your face-to-face training skills to a virtual environment in order to deliver training which has the same impact as face-to-face training, with the potential for even better learning outcomes.

COVID-19 has changed the world virtually overnight – as trainers, we’ve gone from being in a physical training room on a Friday, to being confined to our homes by the following Monday. And our clients are quickly realising that it’s possible to do a lot more virtually than they previously thought – meetings, sales visits, team-work… and training courses. And it’s up to trainers and training organisations to adapt, effectively, to this new reality.

The good news is, that many of the skills trainers use in a physical training room are absolutely valid in the virtual world as well. Yet there are certain changes which must be made in order to ensure virtual training is at least as effective, and even more effective, than face-to-face equivalents.

In this two-hour virtual knowledge bite, you’ll learn how to make changes to your approach to training, in order to bring the maximum value to your learners. And as this is running virtually, you’ll also get to experience virtual best-practice from the point of view of a course participant.

Excellent content, delivered brilliantly.
    - Gary Gorman, Paradigm Training Ltd, UK

Virtual training in context
  • A brief history of virtual training
  • An important lesson from the past
  • Virtual vs face-to-face – the benefits of each

Key points with virtual training
  • Session length
  • Your single key objective with virtual training
  • How to achieve that objective

Getting the basics right
  • Technical set-up
  • Virtual training platforms
  • Understanding the limitations of training platforms

Running & administering a virtual training course
  • Before the session – setting the scene
  • During the session – the 5 key elements
  • After the session – learning with impact

Selling the “virtual dream” to your stakeholders
  • The two key areas to focus on
  • The one area that shouldn’t be an issue
  • The future of virtual

Q&A & using Zoom™ yourself
  • How to setup and share whiteboards in Zoom™
  • Managing breakout rooms
  • Closing Q&A to answer outstanding questions
Neil is so energetic with his delivery style, I was totally glued throughout. That takes a special type of person to be able to do that, let alone virtually!
    - Shereen Johnson, Blue Rose Relations Ltd, UK

Know what best practice looks like
  • Experience virtual from the participant's perspective
  • Get involved in pre-course interaction
  • Join post-course online discussions

Confidence to run virtual training sessions
  • See what works and doesn't work, live over Zoom™
  • Interact with other participants in breakout groups
  • Use slide annotations during the course

Sales ideas to promote your own virtual training
  • Communicate the benefits of virtual
  • Overcome the "is it cheaper" price objection
  • Focus on the right areas with stakeholders

New energy to embrace virtual
  • Realise that the future has already come
  • How COVID-19 has changed training forever
  • Learn from a trainer who's made the leap
Neil has joined the list of people about whom I will now say 'What would Neil do?'
    - Anne Walsh, Freelance Excel Trainer, Ireland

Trainers or employees of training organisations who are running face-to-face training successfully, and want to make the jump to virtual by adding to their existing training skills.

It was experiential learning in a way I honestly have never experienced.
    - Sue Bailey, Garden House Hospice Care, UK

Navanter, the parent brand of Knowledge Bites, was founded in 2011, and was one of the pioneers of virtual training. At the time, we called it live e-learning and that’s exactly what it was – a “best of both worlds” blend of the live experience of a training room, with the convenience of online training.

At Knowledge Bites, we bring you a decade of knowledge and experience in virtual training, offering all our training courses in a virtual format. And during these current restrictions from COVID-19, and beyond, we’re here to share with you how to deliver engaging virtual training to your learners.

Superb training course, this has sparked off new ideas in my mind on how I can improve my way of doing virtual training.
    - Janet Bridgewater, Bridgewater Consultancy Ltd, UK

Delivery method Client delivery Open delivery
Virtual delivery - 4 sessions, 1 week apart £2,000 -
Virtual bite-size £600 £180

Learn more about our delivery formats.

I didn't think virtual training could be so interactive and participative.
    - Eva Lindner, Elevate, Switzerland

Brilliant Trainer, made the session interactive and fun.
    - Lyn Rees, KSL Training, UK
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Very helpful and in a very simple, straight forward way. He was able to show me how you can have a personable experience with participants even the training was online.
    - Ibrahim Al Yafi, Meirc Training & Consulting, Dubai

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