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Advanced Facilitation Techniques

for Virtual Training

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Honestly, Neil, you are one of the best trainers I have ever seen and I don't say that lightly. I love watching you in action.
    - Anne Walsh, The Excel Lady, Ireland

Advanced experiential learning to equip you to facilitate truly engaging virtual training courses

Take your virtual training skills to the next level as you explore for yourself a wide range of advanced facilitation techniques, and create your own best-practice training formats.

As the world gets used to the "new normal" of the COVID-19 workplace, most training companies have made the switch from face-to-face training, to virtual. After hastily converting traditional courses to virtual format, a big question still remains for many trainers: how do I make my training as engaging online as I did in a physical training room?

And this is where Advanced Facilitation Techniques for Virtual Training comes to the rescue - an advanced workshop to help trainers in all subjects to take their facilitation skills up a gear, with innovative and engaging facilitation ideas to liven up a virtual training course, engage learners fully in the experience, and stand out from the competition,

In this three-hour virtual knowledge bite, you’ll consider your own training audience, explore and experience a wide range of advanced facilitation techniques for the virtual world, and leave with practical actions to use straight away in the virtual training room.

Neil definitely brought the human element to the course. The way the course was structured and the techniques were used made the conversations with other participants engaging and natural.
    - Angie Macknight, Learning & Development Manager, Cystic Fibrosis Trust, UK

Understanding your learners
  • Who are they?
  • What are their expectations?
  • What do they need from a training course?

Planning your course
  • The Navanter Virtual Training Success Matrix
  • Understanding your own comfort levels
  • Pushing your skills boundaries

Face-to-face techniques with a virtual slant
  • Which face-to-face techniques work online?
  • Adaptions for the online environment
  • Taking part in these techniques

Embracing the tech
  • Online tools to better engage learners
  • Choosing the right tool for the job
  • Setting up online tools in advance

Which techniques to use
  • The flow of learning in your course
  • Techniques to engage large groups
  • Suggested technique flow-charts

Making the tools work for you
  • Selecting tools for your next course
  • Preparing learners in advance
  • Getting yourself comfortable with the different options
Neil was fantastic throughout this very engaging course and I'd recommend him for any trainers who want to improve their online delivery skills.
    - Rob Hoblin, Carmdale Ltd, UK

Experience best-practice virtual facilitation
  • See the techniques from a learner's perspective
  • Understand which techniques to use, and when
  • Spot potential problems and head them off

Renewed enthusiasm for virtual training
  • Ability to replicate F2F experience online
  • Plan to use new techniques in courses
  • Confidence in "selling the dream" to clients

Planning your own training
  • Understand your learners better
  • Plan for an engaging delivery
  • Create technique paths for learning goals

Stand out from the competition
  • Deliver training that is more engaging
  • Differentiate yourself through your techniques
  • Increase advocacy amongst participants
The trainer took more of a back seat - evidence of getting out of the way of the learning that is being done!
    - Angus Gray, Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking, UK

Trainers or employees of training organisations who are already confident in virtual training delivery, and want to take their skills to the next level.

Great, engaging course about how to make online courses engaging!
    - Sharon Croome, Defence Contracts Experts Ltd, UK

Neil Shorney, your trainer for this event, has received outstanding reviews for the "level 1" course: How To Deliver Effective Virtual Training, and he now brings his skills to those who want to really shine in the virtual world.

At Knowledge Bites, we bring you a decade of knowledge and experience in virtual training, offering all our training courses in a virtual format. And as we enter the "new normal" of the COVID-19 world, and as many more companies are now delivering some form of virtual learning, the time to really stand out has arrived.

It was a brilliantly thought-out course and the materials that were provided during and after the training were accessible, relevant and really helped achieve the objectives of the course.
    - Awaz Raoof, Corum International, UK

Delivery method Client delivery Open delivery
Virtual delivery - 4 sessions, 1 week apart £2,400 -
Virtual bite-size £1,900 £250

Learn more about our delivery formats.

Really helpful course and amazed you fitted so much content into such a short time, but without it being too much to absorb! Neil is a fantastic trainer, really engaging, friendly and knowledgeable. I am designing Virtual training now and have already built in some of the techniques I learnt on the course.
    - Faye Beddow, Faye Beddow Consulting, UK

Great insights to new tools.
    - Ahmad Ghannoum, Meirc Training & Consulting, Dubai
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It was just what I needed - taking me beyond the limits of Zoom polls and whiteboards and showing me how it can be planned and facilitated without being overwhelming for both the trainer and trainee.
    - Sarah Sodhi, Red Door Media, UK

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