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At Knowledge Bites™, we have an extensive yet focussed breadth of experience which brings you the best of both worlds: specialism in the areas in which we train, and the oversight to provide links and connections across a business. When you work with Knowledge Bites, you gain access to a wealth of experience and talent in sales, leadership, management, customer service, project management, and communications skills. This allows us to provide a broad range of training in topics in which we have genuine real-life experience to bring to the training course.

This experience is incredibly valuable to our clients. However, when you add that director and principal trainer, Neil Shorney, spent 15 years working for one of the world's largest training companies, you get the flexibility, care and attention of a small company, combined with the quality and deep knowledge of learning & development best practice that comes from a multinational organisation. And as Neil is a certified Project Manager, you can be sure your assignment will run like clockwork.

Knowledge Bites stands on three pillars of business success...

Pillar 1: An end-to-end solution

We're strong believers that training in isolation is ineffective. Employees get new skills, which they try (briefly) to implement, before realising that others in the organisation don't share their new commitments for success. As a result, the employees quickly slip back to their old, less effective methods of working, and nothing changes.

Change only truly happens when it comes from the organisational culture itself. At Knowledge Bites, we recognise that everyone in an organisation is interdependent as the various teams and functions work to drive the organisational strategy. We can work across your teams to bring alignment and advancement to the whole organisation.

At our heart, we're a training company, but we're so much more than that. We get your employees performing at their best, individually and with their colleagues across the organisation. Just imagine the impact if your whole company was rowing in the same direction...?

Pillar 2: Real learning that has impact

Through our extensive research into the impact of training on job performance, Knowledge Bites has created a suite of industry-leading tools to ensure training leaves the classroom (or virtual classroom) and affects people's behaviours and skills in their jobs. We don't believe any other training company goes as far as we do to maximise the ROI of training programmes. We work with our clients to ensure early adoption of new skills and to help managers coach their employees through the change that comes from a well-designed training programme.

You don't want to spend training budget on a fun couple of days with few results, and we don't want you to. That's why, at Knowledge Bites, we take an active interest in the impact our training has, and work with you to ensure your training really works.

Pillar 3: Recognising that every learner is an individual

There's been plenty of research to show that different people learn in different ways. But it goes beyond that - people have different personality styles which means that they're comfortable with different levels of detail, participation and motivational drivers.

At Knowledge Bites, we work with cutting-edge Accelerated Learning techniques to ensure our training has maximum impact. Our experienced trainers know how to manage the personalities within a group to ensure that everyone learns from the training in the way which has the most impact for them personally. We can also work with your managers and leaders to help them develop tailored coaching programmes to follow up on training and develop the desired behaviours from their whole team.

Other benefits of working with Knowledge Bites...

Extensive and diverse experience

Through real-life experience, training assignments and consulting projects, Neil Shorney and Knowledge Bites have helped organisations of all sizes, in most sectors, across much of the world. From the corporate worlds of Energy, Finance and Telecommunications, through major European institutions, to the SME market; from the USA to Europe to Asia; via training, coaching and consultancy, there are very few areas of business that we don't have experience in.

Certified by top organisations

As well as his extensive real-world experience, Neil Shorney is certified by respected academic and professional organisations. He has held the Masters Certificate in Project Management from the prestigious George Washington University School Of Business since 2005, and the Professional Certificate in Business Skills from the same organisation since 2014, covering diverse topics from coaching to problem solving to strategy alignment. Also in 2014, Neil became a Qualified SDI® Facilitator, allowing him to use one of the industry's most powerful personality profiling tools. Committed to life-long learning, Neil constantly tops up his skills through training and consulting assignments, ensuring you're brought the very best in industry-leading content.

Here to work for you

We're here to help you improve your results, solve your problems, save money and increase your effectiveness, so why not get in touch with us today and see how we can help you and your organisation to clarify and achieve your goals...