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What makes Knowledge Bites™

Better and Different?

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A refreshingly different solution for business training

Every business says they're different, don't they? But how many truly are? And do those differences actually bring benefits to customers?

At Knowledge Bites, we stand out from the crowd in a number of ways, all of which bring tangible advantages to organisations who choose to work with us. Let's take a look at the benefits Knowledge Bites brings...

I recommend Neil, who manages to share his knowledge in such an enthusiastic and clear way.
    - Claire Tepper, SICPA, Lausanne, Switzerland

A deeper corporate understanding through all courses

If an employee attends a programme with a "traditional" training company, they learn the skills they need for their roles. The same is true with a Knowledge Bites course, but we then take that further to bring additional benefits from all learning.

Participants learn the skills they need, such as leadership, communication & presentation skills, facilitation, sales, teamwork, project management, and so on. The difference is, that whatever people learn, there is always a dual focus on helping people to connect their day-to-day job to the organisation's commercial success.

This means that people learn the skills they need like with a traditional training company, but also gain a greater understanding of the importance of their role, empathy for other functions they interact with, and visibility of the customer journey.

For example, ask any CEO and they'll tell you that sales is a vital function of a business. But it's also a responsibility which isn't reserved for salespeople. In 2023 and for a long time now, sales has been the responsibility of everyone in a business. Because everyone in a business can impact how a customer (or prospective customer) feels about the organisation, and can add value to customer experience.

What if a customer has a negative experience with someone in Finance? That will impact their experience. What if they have a conversation with a technical expert who doesn't communicate the benefits of your company's solutions very effectively? That will impact how they see your business.

This isn't to say that we're trying to turn everyone we train into salespeople (imagine what that would do to the world!) - but what we are doing, is trying to get people throughout an organisation to consider their role in commercial success, and deepen their understanding of how a business works.

So if you send someone on a presentation skills course, they'll learn how to present in a way that clearly communicates their topic in a way which encourages action in the listener - just like salespeople do. And if someone attendes a project management course, they'll consider who stands to benefit from the project, and how to make that person truly delighted.

Many real-life examples and Neil's enthusiastic way of explanation helped me to learn and bring new effective ways of communication to my everyday communications with my customers, work with objections more carefully, and be prepared for live presentations.
    - Vera Suetina, Cisco Systems, Moscow, Russia

All Knowledge Bites training helps to raise participants' awareness of their role in their organisation's success, whatever the topic.

A small business with corporate experience

You probably already know the differences between large and small training businesses:

  • The giants of the world are slick and glossy, with huge depth of experience in the learning and development industry which they bring to their clients through well-produced products. They often lack the ability to personalise their approach, and are rarely agile enough to react to a changing business world and specific client needs.
  • Smaller training businesses are much more agile and find it easy to respond to bespoke requests and the specific needs of clients, but often lack the depth of experience which the big players have in terms of selling, delivering and managing larger training programmes.
At Knowledge Bites, you get the best of both worlds. Director and principal trainer, Neil Shorney spent 17 years working for one of the world's largest training companies, in a variety of roles from salesperson to sales manager, coach to consultant, and as a trainer working with the company's biggest clients.

It was experiential learning in a way I honestly have never experienced.
    - Sue Bailey, Garden House Hospice Care, UK

What this means as a Knowledge Bites client, is that you get the flexibility, care and attention of a small company, combined with the quality and deep knowledge of learning & development best practice that comes from a multinational organisation. And as Neil is a certified Project Manager, you can be sure your assignment will run like clockwork.

True experts in virtual training

Speak to any trainer or training company in 2023 and they'll tell you they're an expert in virtual training. They have to, because for quite a while that was all they were allowed to do. With Knowledge Bites, however, you really are working with the experts. Our parent brand, Navanter, also led by Neil, was one of the pioneers of virtual learning way back in 2011. That's almost a decade before most other companies started training virtually.

A masterclass, something to aim at when presenting online.
    - Sam Derby, Oriel Square Ltd, UK

And for the first year of the pandemic, Neil spend a large part of his time helping other training companies, both big and small, from the UK to the UAE, to upskill their staff and trainers in the virtual world.

Extensive knowledge on what makes learning work

Through our extensive research into the impact of training on job performance, Knowledge Bites has created a suite of industry-leading tools to ensure training leaves the classroom (or virtual classroom) and affects people's behaviours and skills in their jobs. From our gold support package down to informal help for line managers, we don't believe any other training company goes as far as we do to maximise your training investment.

We work with our clients to ensure early adoption of new skills and to help managers coach their employees through the change that comes from a well-designed training programme, whatever your budget.

To this very day I still implement the tactics and approach I learned during my time spent with him. Top Man!!
    - Lovell Watson, Simplify IT Solutions, Birmingham, UK

You don't want to spend training budget on a fun couple of days with few results, and we don't want you to. That's why, at Knowledge Bites, we take an active interest in the impact our training has, and work with you to ensure your training really works.

Those are our 'flagship' benefits - the things which make Knowledge Bites better and different. But that's not all...

Other benefits of working with Knowledge Bites

Extensive and diverse experience

Through real-life experience, training assignments and consulting projects, Neil Shorney and Knowledge Bites have helped organisations of all sizes, in most sectors, across much of the world. From the corporate worlds of Energy, Finance and Telecommunications, through major European institutions, to the SME market; from the USA to Europe to Asia; via training, coaching and consultancy, there are very few areas of business that we don't have experience in.

Certified by top organisations

As well as his extensive real-world experience, Neil Shorney is certified by respected academic and professional organisations. He has held the Masters Certificate in Project Management from the prestigious George Washington University School Of Business since 2005, and the Professional Certificate in Business Skills from the same organisation since 2014, covering diverse topics from coaching to problem solving to strategy alignment. Also in 2014, Neil became a Qualified SDI® Facilitator, allowing him to use one of the industry's most powerful personality profiling tools. Committed to life-long learning, Neil constantly tops up his skills through training and consulting assignments, ensuring you're brought the very best in industry-leading content.

Here to work for you

We're here to help you improve your results, solve your problems, save your money, and increase your effectiveness, so why not get in touch with us today and see how we can help you and your organisation to clarify and achieve your goals...

Neil is so energetic with his delivery style, I was totally glued throughout. That takes a special type of person to be able to do that, let alone virtually!
    - Shereen Johnson, Blue Rose Relations Ltd, UK