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Knowledge Bites isn't just another average training company - when you train with us, you get industry-leading support to ensure the training brings the results you need.

Every highly-interactive Knowledge Bites training course comes with:

  • Digital or hard-copy workbook
  • Unlike most of the training industry, we give our clients a choice of how to receive the workbook. The first option is a digital, interactive pdf workbook. This contains all the info your participants need to take away and use on the job, in pdf format with editable text-boxes and hyperlinked content. These can be saved to a network, hard drive or cloud provider to ensure they never get lost. To use these, participants will need to bring a laptop to the training room.
  • For organisations who prefer a more traditional approach, you can choose our hard-copy course materials, which can be emailed to you for printing, or printed by Knowledge Bites for an additional fee.
  • Note: For virtual deliveries, materials are interactive pdf only.
  • Scene-setting call with key stakeholders
  • We want to maximise your ability to make the training stick, and a huge ingredient of that success is involvement from key stakeholders - usually line managers, HR or senior management. Every time you book a Knowledge Bites course, we will encourage you to schedule a call to highlight the key learning points and success factors of the training, making sure everyone's on the same page.
  • Pre-course preparation guide
  • One of the key elements of ensuring training effectiveness, is to prepare learners in advance to help them focus on what they need to get from the course. Before the course begins, we'll send you a pre-course preparation guide explaining how to have vital one-to-ones (or group sessions) with the attendees, and suggested questions to ask, tailored to the topic they'll be following.
  • Membership of the Turbo-Charge Your Career Facebook group
  • We'd love to use LinkedIn for this (it just looks more professional), but the truth is that LinkedIn Groups just aren't up to the task. So, we offer everyone who attends a course membership of our Facebook group. This is an ideal place to learn from others, ask questions (and get a response!) and take part in regular live Q&A sessions.
  • Post-course coaching guide
  • Reinforcing training content and helping participants to contextualise this for the workplace is the most important thing you can do to ensure new behaviours stick, yet so many training companies think that their responsibility ends there. At Knowledge Bites, every course comes with a post-course coaching guide, giving you our COURAGE™ coaching model, content summary, suggested coaching questions, and ideas for exercises and games in team meetings to reinforce key concepts.
  • We know that some organisations just don't have the resources to provide post-course coaching follow-up. If that's the case for you, then our Gold Support package could be just what you need.

You're probably beginning to realise that Knowledge Bites isn't your average training company. Contact us today to talk about how we can give your business the skills it needs to thrive.