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Knowledge Bites can get your training business up to speed quickly for virtual training delivery

COVID-19 has taken the world, including the training industry, by surprise and many businesses are struggling to react quickly to continue delivering training courses to their clients. Virtual training has been on the increase for many years, but sometimes it takes a major shock to prompt people to take action. And often, when that shock comes along, there just isn't enough time to react.

At Navanter (Knowledge Bites' parent brand), we've been delivering successful, engaging virtual training for a decade, so we know what works (and what doesn't), and how to equip a training business to deliver virtually. The types of training we've delivered virtually span the whole range, from sales to leadership to project management, right through to technical training on Microsoft Excel™ and PowerPoint™.

Neil is a great role model for how to run training virtually and clearly has loads of great experience.
    - Jacqueline Harris, Breath Of Fresh Air Ltd, UK

And now, we have a range of services to help other training providers respond to these difficult times. We can help you to quickly and effectively deliver virtual training to your own clients.

Here's what we can offer at the moment. If there's something you need support with but which isn't listed, do let us know and we'll be happy to throw some ideas around...

  • Virtual bite-size training course: How To Deliver Effective Virtual Training
  • Our brand new course, where you'll spend two hours participating in a best-practice virtual training course, You'll learn how to get the technical set-up right, to engage learners before, during and after the event, and to sell the "virtual training dream" to key stakeholders.
  • Available as an open course or to run "virtually in-house", this course has attrached huge attention and fabulous feedback since it launched in mid-March.
  • For full details, view the course outline page.
Neil's session was on the money - clearly set out and logical and full of the tips and techniques to make them a success that would take you many weeks or months to learn if you were on your own. I cannot recommend Neil and this session highly enough.
    - Dave Taylor, Axio Development Ltd, UK
  • Conversion of materials to editable pdf format
  • To give a polished, professional experience to learners and to show that you truly embrace virtual (rather than putting out a hacked version of your standard courses), editable pdf materials are an absolute must-have. Deliver virtual training seamlessly by sending your participants a link where they can download their training materials to their device, ready to complete exercises and notes in editable text boxes as they attend the course.
  • As part of this service, we'll discuss with you whether you'd like to keep your current material length, or break them up into smaller pieces for modular delivery.
  • To learn more about this, contact us on +44 (0)20 7164 6959, via our contact page, or using the enquiry box below.
The structure was well thought through which made the content really relevant and digestible. I found the editable PDF really easy to use for my notes.
    - Claire Keogh, Keogh Consulting Services Ltd, UK
  • Virtual training course design from scratch
  • Going one step further than converting your materials to editable pdfs, our virtual training course design service will take your existing content, and design a complete training course or programme from the ground up. This includes building the course in bite-sized chunks, adding the minimum theory to enable discussion, creating practical exercises designed specifically for virtual, pre- and post-course work, and producing editable pdf materials.
  • This service includes detailed trainer notes and a virtual demo to your trainer(s).
  • Our gold-plated-all-bells-and-whistles service, ask about this on +44 (0)20 7164 6959, via our contact page, or using the enquiry box below.
If you are looking to go virtual Neil is the man to speak to. You won't regret it!
    - Emer O'Leary, Collected Works Training, UK
  • Expert facilitation of your virtual sessions to your clients
  • If you really don't like the idea of delivering virtually, we can provide an expert facilitator to deliver your own virtual training courses directly to your clients, under your own company branding. Our facilitator will spend time getting to know your business, then behave like your own employee as they deliver your virtual training following established best practice. And you're welcome to join as a participant or a co-host to give you the confidence to go solo in future.
  • This will, of course, depend on the topic you're training in as to whether we have access to facilitators who are fluent in your subject matter.
  • To talk this through with us, get in touch on +44 (0)20 7164 6959, via our contact page, or using the enquiry box below.
Neil was dynamite in his delivery style. Just because it was a virtual course didn't mean it had to be boring. I am a Human Relations Consultant and Trainer and someone who didn't really engage with the whole virtual training thing. Neil raised the bar on virtual learning for me and I can honestly see more businesses embracing it.
    - Shereen Johnson, Blue Rose Relations Ltd, UK
  • Virtual training delivery support
  • If you're comfortable engaging an audience virtually, but wondering how on earth you'd manage to train, listen, manage breakout rooms, monitor and respond to chat, screen-share, annotate and keep everyone involved, all at the same time, then perhaps our virtual training delivery support is what you need. We'll give you a delivery support specialist who can do all the "live admin" for you so that you can concentrate on the training.
  • Engaging a delivery support specialist creates a dynamic partnership, allowing you to be the best you can, without having to worry about all the extra details which come with virtual delivery.
  • Ask us how this could work for you, on +44 (0)20 7164 6959, via our contact page, or using the enquiry box below.
Well delivered and thought-out course to suit a range of sectors. Neil came across really well and really tried to engage with everyone at some point or another- making sure everyone had a voice and managed to take something away.
    - Diksha Garrib, Keech Hospice Care, UK
  • One-to-one coaching
  • Perhaps you'd like to take more control over your virtual journey, but would appreciate some help with planning your priorities and setting goals. And perhaps you'd apprecaite someone to bounce your ideas against? Then one-to-one coaching is what you're looking for. Working to a schedule to suit you, our coaching sessions will help you to set your own direction for your virtual offerings, based around your own business priorities.
  • The format is 30- or 60-minute Zoom calls which will be approximately 45 minutes of pure coaching, with 15 minutes of technical and practical advice on how to make virtual training work for you.
  • If this is for you, let us know on +44 (0)20 7164 6959, via our contact page, or using the enquiry box below.
The session has helped me make some decisions about what training I could design and deliver ‘virtually’.
    - Darren Jenkins, Vero HR Ltd, UK

As you can see, at Knowledge Bites, we're perfectly equipped to help you to achieve your virtual training goals during these turbulent times, and beyond. Virtual's been on its way up for a long time, but much of the world's only just noticed. It's hard to believe the training world will ever be quite the same again...

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