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Bites™ ...a Navanter brand

An exciting and flexible training company

Knowledge Bites™ is the new brand from Navanter, a high-quality training consultancy founded in London in 2011, providing a unique blend of sales and project management crossover training. Over the first 10 years of Navanter's existence, many of our clients asked for training outside of these core areas, and we found a growing desire for off-the-shelf training on a diverse range of subjects, to quickly and effectively fill skills gaps in employees.

And so, in March 2020, we launched a new brand, Knowledge Bites, to serve this important market. Bringing Navanter's decade of expertise and combining it with the latest live e-learning methods (of which, incidentally, Navanter was a pioneer in its early days), Knowledge Bites provides a broad range of business skills training courses in diverse formats to organisations around the world.

Navanter is a Latin word meaning with zeal & enthusiasm, and this should give you a clue about what we believe is important in a training company. People learn best when they're having fun, and all our training sessions deliver best-practice content in an engaging and interactive way, whether that's in a traditional training room, of through our live e-learning courses.

The Knowledge Bites™ philosophy

A key lesson we learnt through our work bringing sales and project management teams together is that there are skills throughout a business which are carefully guarded by the department where they're traditionally used (like influencing skills for salespeople, or problem-solving skills for a helpdesk). Yet these skills have applications across an organisation, and really should be shared.

Through the diverse and ever-expanding range of courses provided by Knowledge Bites, we're sharing these vital skills across a business. This helps to create more joined-up organisations, break down silos, and develop empathy between employees and teams as they understand more about their own, and others people's, places in the organisation.

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