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Training and coaching across five continents

Based in London, UK, Navanter Knowledge Bites has truly global experience. We've delivered face-to-face training from New York to London to Frankfurt. Via our innovative Live E-learning courses, we've trained people across the USA, Canada, Europe, Middle East, Asia and South Africa, as well as providing Skype coaching to Australia.

Principle trainer, Neil Shorney, has extensive experience working with people for whom English isn't their first language. A French speaker, Neil understands the challenges which come from learning in a foreign language. He has managed international teams since 2003 and sold international solutions since 2000. Neil has frequently been complimented by delegates on being easy to understand even if they don't speak English confidently. His clear accent and appropriate use of language ensures that all delegates and coachees can work effectively under Neil's guidance.

All our training courses are available in both English and French.

Don't let your location hold you back from benefiting from Knowledge Bites' diverse and high-quality range of business solutions. Get in touch to discuss how we can help your business, wherever you're located.