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Your downloadable resources for business success.

This is a brand new resources for 2024 - please check back regularly for new additions.


Team Charter template

A Team Charter is a document which you develop in conjunction with your team. It gives your team an identity, and something for them to work towards, aim for, and achieve. It also acts as a reference point for how the team runs.

Communication skills

Tips to Deliver An Engaging Virtual Presentation

You realise you have to deliver a virtual presentation, but need to make sure you remember all the things you need to do differently online. Here's your one-stop-cheat-sheet which will tell you everything you need to remember to deliver a great virtual presentation.

How to Have a Difficult Conversation

Get an easy and repeatable 4-part conversation structure to help you have conversations with colleagues who are putting you under pressure or making you feel uncomfortable.

General business

Top Vocab to Improve Your Meeting Minutes

Take a positive step towards writing minutes that people actually enjoy reading with this handy vocab list to improve your meeting minutes - ready to use out of the box.