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Knowledge Bites has one of the widest range of training delivery formats in the world

And this means that whoever you are, wherever you're based, you can access the course you need, where and when you need it. Navanter, our parent brand, was one of the pioneers of live e-learning back in 2011, when virtual training was in its infancy. This means that we know how to deliver engaging live e-training content, whilst we still maintain an active presence in traditional classroom training. All our courses and learning formats employ the latest accelerated learning techniqes to ensure maximum impact on all learners.

Most of our courses have both face-to-face and online options, and we have an expanding range of self-paced online training options for those courses where it's appropriate.

Face-to-face training: 2 day - our most popular choice

Our two-day face-to-face training courses deliver an optimal mix of content, discussion, exercises, reflection, and action planning. Recognising that all learners are different, this approach draws on the research of Honey & Mumford to include different delivery elements so that the entire group, regardless of personality and style, get the most from their training. The two-day format is an engaging blend of formal learning, hands-on exercises, and real-life examples designed to deliver not just new skills, but behaviour change.

The two-day format is the best way to achieve the results you want, with the least learner support required back in the workplace.

Face-to-face training: 1 day

For those organisations where time prohibits attending a two-day training course, our one-day training courses deliver a similar range of content, in a more compact format. The course will still be interactive and full of practical exercises, but with a little less time spent on application in the workplace. As we understand how important it is to see how to apply training back in the workplace, we will provide a detailed follow-up coaching guide to help you provide the necessary support to ensure the application of new skills in the workplace.

The one-day format is a very efficient way to deliver new skills which allows the organisation to provide guided support to bring the change needed to the workplace.

Face-to-face training: bite-size

A refreshing and lean approach to training, our 2-hour bite-size sessions deliver the key concepts of a topic in a punchy, high-energy two-hour training session. Seating is optional in these sessions, and participants will have no materials so that they can completely focus on the activities. Materials will be given out after the session to aid retention.

Each 2-hour session runs to our proven structure:

  • 2-minute topic introduction
  • Reflect on past experiences
  • A little bit of theory
  • Brief presentation of tool(s)
  • Practical application of tool(s)
  • Key take-aways and action item
We've found that two hours is the optimal time for a high-impact training session, and we give a (strictly-timed) break half-way through to maintain energy.

Virtual training: 4 x 2-hour sessions

The days when training only happened in a training room are long gone. Navanter, our parent brand, was one of the pioneers of live e-learning way back in 2011, and over the last 14 years, we've been refining our technique to create truly engaging virtual deliveries which replicate the classroom experience.

Our 4 x 2-hour virtual deliveries deliver the same content as our 1-day face-to-face courses, with exercises adapted to the virtual format, and the virtual sessions spread out over a longer period of time to allow for experimentation and application in the workplace before moving onto the next part of the content.

Virtual training: bite-size

This is the live online version of our face-to-face bite-size courses. Using a similar high-energy approach, and making extensive use of break-out rooms to encourage guided small-group participation, our virtual bite-size training courses ensure everyone gets involved throughout the session, even when they are remote.

All materials are sent by email after the session to ensure participants give maximum focus to the learning while they're on the live video call, yet still have full notes to refer to in future.