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As the physical location of teams changes, people need to adapt.

Team-work has changed dramatically over the last couple of years. What used to be seen as getting people to interact better in a face-to-face environment, now crosses borders, both internationally, and locally. With many organisations moving to hybrid or remote working, team-working can become challenging.

To step up to that challenge, new approaches are needed. With hybrid working, there needs to be a solution which allows remote and in-person employees to feel equally part of the wider team. With remote working, it's about fostering team spirit when people only see each other in-person on a few occasions. And even in traditional face-to-face working, it's important to expand the view of team-work from something which happens within a single team, to something which impacts a whole organisation.

A major factor in improving team-work in an organisation in 2023 is about improving understanding and collaboration between teams in an organisation. By helping employees to understand more about how the organisation works, and how they personally contribute to the work of others, organisations can foster the kind of team working that gets all employees rowing in the same direction.