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Supporting the people with one of the toughest jobs in an organisation

Customer Service is tough - you get all the complaints, but precious little of the praise. As a customer service agent, you need to deal with the problems other people have caused, and often get a hard time from the customers themselves.

At Knowledge Bites, we take two views of customer service. On the one hand, it's about solving problems, calming people down, and personal resilience. On the other hand, it's about creating delight. It's about dealing with someone's query in such a way that they end up even more committed to your organisation than they were before.

Customer service training has a lot in common with sales training, and it can be helpful to create a blend of these two disciplines in order to give CS staff the skills to find new business opportunities as well. We can provide a full training needs analysis to create a bespoke programme of training to match your specific outcomes.

If there's something you need which isn't listed, do get in touch to discuss your requirements.