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Returning to Work in the New

Normal workshop programme

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An engaging and participant-driven programme of short workshops to prepare your organisation

Help your entire organisation to get on the right page for the new normal - whatever that means for you, in this series of short workshops designed to address every aspect of adjusting to the new normal.

There's a lot of talk that 2022 heralds a "new normal" in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic. The problem with this term, though, is that there is no "normal" - different organisations are going different ways with their expectations for how they'll be working in the future. What is a constant, though, is that around the globe, organisations will have to decide what their future looks like, and employees will have to adapt to whatever the situation is in their job.

In this innovative series of participant-led workshops for both managers and individual contributors, your employees will have the opportunity to come closer together within and across teams, whilst processing what your organisation's "new normal" means for them.

The programme is structured with an opening and closing module for all participants where they'll explore current and future realities in the organisation, and be empowered to make the change successful. Between these two modules are separate modules covering specific topics which can be selected for different participants as required. In addition, there is a managers-only module to explore the critical manager roles required to make the change a success.

Under the expert facilitation of Knowledge Bites' most senior facilitators, participants will guide themselves through a diverse range of discussions and activities to ensure that both the programmes and outcomes are truly owned by them rather than being "taught" on a traditional training course.

Opening: Setting The Scene
  • Your vision for the future
  • Benefits and challenges in achieving the vision
  • Support needed to navigate the change
  • Getting buy-in to change

Wellbeing & Stress Management
  • How do you like to operate?
  • What is "good practice" for wellbeing at work?
  • How do challenges differ between remote, on-site & hybrid working?
  • How will you know when to seek help?
  • How can you support others in their wellbeing?

Crucial Communication Skills for the New Normal
  • How has communication changed since before the pandemic?
  • What's got better? What's got worse?
  • What's the value in having a conversation with someone about a topic which affects you?
  • How can you approach such a conversation?
  • How should you listen to someone "deeply"?
  • How can you make it easier for others to communicate with you?

Ownership, Accountability & Empowerment
  • What's the difference between an "ownser's" and a "renter's" mentality?
  • How do each have a place in an organisation or team?
  • How accountable do you feel to your organisation's or team's success?
  • How can you increase a feeling of accountability amongst the people you work closely with?
  • How can you empower yourself and others to make positive changes?

Mindset & Positivity
  • In the business world, what’s the range of feelings about returning to the office?
  • Where do you sit on that scale?
  • What support do you need to either share your positivity or become more positive?
  • How does distance make a difference?
  • What changes do you need to make to embrace a positive mindset?

Cricital Manager Roles (managers only)
  • What should the main focus be of managers at different levels during this period of transition?
  • How should managers both model the right behaviours, and support team members to return in the “new normal”?
  • How can managers support each other to make the transition successful?

Closing: Programme Wrap-Up
  • What successes have you experienced already?
  • What are the challenges and barriers you see going forward?
  • How can you pre-empt and overcome these?
  • Developing a personal, team and company action plan collaboratively
Improved appetite for change
  • Increased appreciation of the transition
  • Understanding in personal role in company success
  • Knowledge that everyone can make a difference

Greater inter-team communication
  • Breaking down silos for company cohesion
  • Greater empathy for other functions and teams
  • New lines of communication across the organisation

Increased openness
  • Understanding of how to ask for support
  • Improved willingness to offer help to others
  • Safe environment to raise problems and concerns

New skills for managers to lead change
  • Greater feeling of management team-work
  • Promoting an "can-do" attitude amongst managers
  • Mutually-supportive management team

This programme is designed for an organisation's entire workforce, both managers and individual contributors, to optimise the transition to the new normal.

As a Navanter brand, Knowledge Bites is in a unique position of having an in-depth view of an entire organsation, from the customer-facing sales team to solution delivery experts, and all those pieces in between which are vital to organisational success in a customer-driven business. We recognise that every single employee is vital to the customer experience, and are experts in helping employees to join the dots from their own daily tasks to their organisation's strategic goals.

As the world transitions to the new normal, Knowledge Bites combines expert group facilitation techniques with this unique perspective on a business to bring your whole organisation together around your positive changes to remote, in-person and hybrid working.

Due to the flexible nature and variety of participant numbers of this programme, we're unable to quote accurage pricing on a web page.

To give an indication, a 2-hour virtual workshop is charged at £500 and our rate for face-to-face training is £500 per day. Depending on the size of your organisation, you could schedule up to 3 sessions within a day.

This programme can be run either virtually or face-to-face.

Learn more about our delivery formats.

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