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Strategic Thinking Skills

for Managers & Leaders

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Your strategic-thinking blueprint for leadership success

A reflective, hands-on workshop on how to develop your team strategy, and communicate it to all stakeholders as you get buy-in to action.

When it comes to having an effective organisational strategy, there are 2 key elements to get right. The first is to create a strategy that will work, but equally important and often overlooked, is ensuring that you communicate that strategy in a way that people take note of it, understand what it means to them, have a desire to contribute to its success, and act on what it contains. You can have the best strategy in the world, but if no-one clearly knows what it is, then it won't have much impact.

In this highly interactive and action-focused training course, you'll review what your strategy is, distill this down into the key information needed by the various stakeholders, and communicate it effectively so that people understand what it means to them, and proactively work towards its successful completion.

Understanding the organisational strategy
  • What do you need to know?
  • Filling in the gaps from the right sources
  • Creating your organisational strategy overview

Distilling the critical information
  • The stakeholders - who needs to know what?
  • Sorting out the critical from non-critical info
  • Creating your communication info hub

Gaining the credibility you need
  • Getting management team buy-in
  • Internal marketing to gain interest
  • Winning the confidence of employees

Making the strategy relevant
  • Revisiting the Mission & Vision statements
  • "Joining the dots" from strategy to employees
  • Selling the WIIFM (What's In It For Me?)

Communicating the strategy
  • Creating an effective SOAP (Strategy On A Page)
  • Mixing your media for maximum impact
  • Speaking to all communication styles

Managing the response
  • Pre-empting the common questions
  • Planning your Q&A session
  • Driving towards change and impact
A deeper understanding of the strategy
  • Greater insights into strategic challenges
  • New perspectives on the organisation's plans
  • Appreciation of how strategic affects employees

Insights into how communications are received
  • How different employees have different perspectives
  • Speak to various stakeholders' needs
  • Awareness of how language affects understanding

Check-lists and templates
  • Stakeholder assessment template
  • Strategic communication check-list
  • Example SOAP template

Greater connection with employees
  • Ability to speak to directly to employee groups
  • More 2-way communication
  • Empathy for how communications impact employees

Senior leaders, middle management, HR and marketing professionals who need to communicate an organisation's strategic goals to all employees in an effective way.

Neil Shorney, Director of Navanter Knowledge Bites, has spent a large part of his career involved in strategy development and communication. As Sales Manager for the world's largest project management training consultancy, Neil was a key member of the management team, and ran several projects to help the global company to engage better with employees, and employees to align their work more closely with company strategy and messaging. Since setting up Navanter and Knowledge Bites, Neil now consults with clients on strategic decisions, adoption of strategic change, and communication of strategic messaging across an organisation.

During this course, we bring a fresh new perspective by combining cutting-edge communication techniques with established strategic best practice to help you communicate your strategy so that it has the impact you need.

Delivery method Client delivery
1-day face-to-face £1,500
Face-to-face bite-size (assuming 3 sessions scheduled for same day) £1,500
Virtual delivery - 4 sessions, 1 week apart £2,000
Virtual bite-size £500

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