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Use the skills of top performers when selling by phone

Get the knowledge, skills and confidence to make an impact when making cold calls in your sales role.

For decades, "Telesales" has implied a dead-end job where people pester people who aren't interested in their product, with endless cold calls. But times are changing, and the modern Inside Sales professional can be a respected consultant, valued by clients and prospects alike.

Being an internal sales rep can be a hard job. There’s a negative perception of people who sell over the telephone, which can lead to salespeople feeling inferior to their customers and being embarrassed to push for a sale to close. This in turn leads to lower results and higher staff turnover.

This two-day training course from Navanter is designed to overcome these issues, and equip internal salespeople to sell in a professional and customer-focused manner. This helps them stand out from the competition, as customers perceive them as valued consultants rather than salespeople.

Starting from the basics, this course helps salespeople to understand their buyers, themselves, and the sale, in order to maximise their potential, spend their time on the best prospects, and deliver predictable, measurable results which makes their managers’ job of coaching them easier and more repeatable.

What is telesales?
  • Why is selling on the phone different?
  • Why is it more challenging to sell by phone?
  • Clarifying the value of a telephone sales rep

Engaging the prospect's attention
  • Gaining rapport in the first 5 seconds
  • Creating a compelling call opening
  • Differentiating yourself from the outset

Raising the customer's perception of you
  • The different levels of customer perception
  • Standing out from the crowd
  • Coming across as a professional sales consultant

Qualifying the best opportunities
  • Understanding what to go after (and what not to)
  • Aligning prospecting to your company strategy
  • Creating your deal win-plan

Probing to identify needs
  • The 5 types of consulting question
  • When to ask which type of question
  • Avoiding questions sounding like an interrogation

Building effective relationships
  • The 4 main personality styles
  • Understanding yourself with the NPSI™
  • Flexing your style to match the customer

Matching a solution and reinforcing value
  • Identifying which features match the prospect's needs
  • Speaking the language of benefits
  • Getting agreement to your solution's value

Overcoming objections and closing the sale
  • Differentiating between an objection and a stall
  • Turning a stall into an objection
  • Handling objections on the telephone
Increased sense of self-worth
  • Appreciation of the value of Telesales
  • Seeing the role as a sales professional
  • Understanding the value Telesales brings to clients

Repeatable sales process
  • Understanding of what to do, and when
  • Know where a sale is, and what to do next
  • Template for creating a sales strategy

Questioning bank
  • Self-created question list
  • Knowledge Bites' comprehensive question bank
  • Ability to ask questions in a natural style

Enhanced closing skills
  • Knowing when to close
  • Overcoming objections
  • How to close collaboratively

Anyone who sells on the phone and wants to learn how to make longer calls, get more meetings or sales, and stand out from the hundreds of other tele-sellers who are all competing for budget.

With Navanter Knowledge Bites, you’re engaging the right company for Inside Sales training. Neil Shorney, Principal Training Consultant and Company Director, has 15 years’ experience managing international sales teams. In his teams, he has trained inexperienced newcomers to be successful sales professionals, progressing through telesales, on to senior positions around the world. In his role as Sales Manager for ESI International, a global learning organisation, Neil won the President's Gold Club Award 3 times for his work in creating successful telesales teams who were respected by colleagues and customers alike.

Now Director of Navanter, Neil Shorney, brings this experience and knowledge to sales teams around the world.

Delivery method Client delivery
2-day face-to-face £2,800
1-day face-to-face £1,500
Face-to-face bite-size (assuming 3 sessions scheduled for same day) £1,500
Virtual delivery - 4 sessions, 1 week apart £2,000
Virtual bite-size £500

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