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A hands-on workshop to boost your sales results using AI

Harness the opportunities for increased sales success with the latest AI tools and techniques in this practical workshop

During this one-day training course, you'll explore the art of effectively prospecting with Artificial Intelligence. You'll learn how to leverage AI to identify high-quality leads, automate lead generation processes, and engage with prospects more effectively. Through interactive discussions and hands-on exercises, you'll gain practical strategies and tools to optimise your prospecting process using AI.

This course goes beyond just using AI for prospecting - you'll also learn how to personalise your engagement with prospects and measure your prospecting performance using AI metrics. Gain the skills, confidence, and knowledge needed to supercharge your prospecting efforts with AI.

Introduction to AI-powered prospecting
  • Understanding the importance of prospecting in sales
  • How AI is transforming the prospecting process
  • Benefits of using AI for prospecting

Identifying high-quality leads with AI
  • Defining ideal customer profiles with AI
  • AI-based lead scoring and prioritisation
  • Strategies for finding high-potential leads with AI tools

AI-powered lead generation
  • Introduction to AI-powered lead generation tools
  • Techniques for automating lead generation with AI
  • Hands-on exercises using AI tools

Personalised engagement with AI
  • AI-driven personalisation in sales outreach
  • Creating personalised outreach campaigns with AI
  • Best practices for engaging with prospects using AI

Measuring prospecting performance with AI
  • Key metrics for evaluating prospecting performance
  • Using AI analytics tools for prospecting efforts
  • Interpreting AI-generated insights for optimization

Case studies and best practice
  • AI-powered prospecting in the real world
  • Integrating AI into your prospecting workflow
  • Personalised action planning
Increased Confidence
  • Greater confidence in prospecting with AI
  • Improved ability to identify high-quality leads
  • Enhanced skills in engaging with prospects using AI

Deeper awareness of AI as a prospecting tool
  • Proficiency in using AI-powered lead generation tools
  • Better understanding of AI-driven personalisation
  • Improved ability to measure performance

Optimised sales workflows
  • Ability to prospect strategically using AI insights
  • Enhanced decision-making in prospect prioritisation
  • Ideas for integrating AI into prospecting workflow

Behaviour changes
  • Shift towards a more data-driven approach
  • Recognition of opportunities in AI prospecting
  • Desire to implement AI prospecting techniques

Sales professionals who are new to prospecting or have experience but lack formal training in AI-powered prospecting techniques.

With our deep experience in sales and a proven track record of delivering effective training solutions, Navanter Knowledge Bites is your ideal partner for this course. We understand the importance of staying at the cutting edge of selling and training - we were one of the pioneers of virtual training way back in 2011, and a long time before the rest of the industry caught up during Covid-19.

This training course combines our sales expertise with the latest advancements in AI-powered prospecting techniques. Through a structured approach involving learning, discussion, and hands-on exercises, we will empower your sales professionals to supercharge their prospecting efforts using Artificial Intelligence, enabling them to consistently meet and exceed customer expectations.

Delivery method Client delivery
1-day face-to-face £1,500
Face-to-face bite-size (assuming 3 sessions scheduled for same day) £1,500
Virtual delivery - 2 sessions, 1 week apart £1,100
Virtual bite-size £600

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