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Remote Management Toolkit part 2

How To Facilitate Effective Virtual Meetings

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A focused and interactive guide to facilitating online meetings that work

Understand the key elements of any virtual meeting, and learn how to structure your meeting to achieve the results you need, whatever the topic.

For decades, managers and individual contributors alike have groaned at the thought of boring meetings, and over recent years, as people have tried to achieve more with less, meetings seem to counterintuitively be an increasingly dominant part of office life. And with the rise of remote and hybrid working, as many meetings happen online, the ability to achieve what's needed in the minimum time is more important than ever.

Virtual meetings can be some of the most dull and least effective there are, but it doesn't have to be that way. With a bit of thought and planning from a leader or facilitator, virtual meetings can be a hugely effective way to achieve strong outputs in the minimum of time. The problem is, most people try to facilitate virtual meetings in the same way as they would a face-to-face meeting.

In this focused strategic workshop, you'll learn the secrets of facilitating an online meeting that achieves what you need it to, in the minimum time, and in a way that truly engages the participants.

  • The 3 success elements in any effective virtual meeting

  • Balancing the 3 success elements for online and hybrid meetings

  • Mastering your set-up, tone of voice, and body language for virtual meetings

  • Facilitation techniques for engaging and interactive virtual meetings
  • Increased confidence facilitating virtual and hybrid meetings

  • Ability to engage a group to reach a satisfactory conclusion during a virtual meeting

  • Repeatable formula for successful online meetings every time

  • New skills to engage a virtual group using body langauge and tone of voice in a virtual environment

Managers, leaders and facilitators who need to run effective online meetings, whether they're internal, external, fully virtual, or hybrid events.

Knowledge Bites are acknowledged experts in the virtual facilitation space. As one of the few companies which was offering virtual training before the pandemic of 2020, we have over a decade of experience engaging globally-dispersed virtual and hybrid groups using the latest techniques and technologies to create events which surprise participants by their interactivity.

Add into this our expertise in communication skills and our ability to get to the heart of an issue, and Knowledge Bites is perfectly placed to help you run virtual and hybrid meetings which achieve what they need to, every time.

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