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Remote Management Toolkit part 4

Motivating From A Distance

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An in-depth look at what motivates people, and how to use this when motivating remotely

Learn a wide range of interventions you need to be making with remote staff to maintain their levels of motivation, even when they're away from the office.

Whilst some people love the peace and quiet which comes with working from home, for many, the lack of contact with colleagues in the office and the information source that brings them, can be very demotivating. Even those who claim to thrive when working remotely, need a little extra help from managers and leaders to maintain their levels of motivation.

For many managers and leaders, motivating people who aren't in the same room as them is quite an alien concept - they're used to giving spontaneous pep-talks over a desk, to delivering positive messages in the kitchen, or to giving immediate congratulations on a job well done. When remote, these things aren't available and managers need other methods to motivate their teams.

In this in-depth virtual course, you'll learn what motivates different types of people, and how you can create a motivating environment wherever someone's based.

  • The difficulties when trying to motivate someone who's working remotely

  • The 3 motivational needs you'll find in any team or workplace

  • The 3 motivational modes you can use for your team members

  • Overcoming common demotivators in the remote workplace
  • Greater empathy for team members' individual motivational needs

  • Appreciation that when motivating from a distance, new techniques are needed

  • The 3x3 grid of personal motivators to guide motivation interventions

  • Practical ideas to motivate any member of a team

Leaders and managers who have remote or hybrid teams, and who need to motivate people wherever they're working to create a team that's driven to succeed.

Knowledge Bites are acknowledged experts in the virtual facilitation space. Director, Neil Shorney, has been leading remote teams since 2004, when he had a co-located team in the UK and remote staff in Sweden. Such was his success at creating strong motivation in remote staff, that he was given responsibility for managing, coaching and mentoring staff in Germany, India, Singapore and Australia - all remotely.

Neil is passionate about the role that virtual working has in the world, and shares his experience through our Remote Management Toolkit to help others to up-skill for success in the virtual space.

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