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Remote Management Toolkit part 1

Managing Remotely

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A personal guide to how you can meet employees' needs remotely

Get the best performance from all types of people when managing remotely. Be confident you're giving them all the support they need to succeed.

The world has changed over the past few years, and what was once unusual is now the norm in many workplaces. This includes managing people from a distance, at least part of the time. As managers and leaders have begun adjusting to this new way of working, many have realised that their previous experience and existing management techniques don't work so effectively when people are remote.

Managers who succeed in the virtual world are those who are prepared and able to flex their approach, learn new techniques, and try out new ideas. Their goal? To get the same or better performance from team members, even when people are working remotely.

In this personalised look at how different types of employees respond to the unique circumstances which come from being managed remotely, you'll learn how to flex your approach to get the best out of others, and how to ensure you're providing the right level of support and interaction to enable successful task completion.

  • The evolving needs of remote workers

  • The role of personality style in remote productivity

  • Tasking - the art of remote management

  • The COURAGE™ remote management framework
  • Clear understanding of the differences between in-person and remote management

  • Increased empathy for employees and team members who are working away from the office

  • In-depth appreciation of how management style can be flexed for different personality styles

  • A solid, repeatable framework to guide team members towards success in any task

Managers and leaders who want to bring their existing management skills into the virtual world, and to increase the productivity of virtual team members.

Knowledge Bites are acknowledged experts in the virtual facilitation space. Director, Neil Shorney, has been leading remote teams since 2004, when he had a co-located team in the UK and remote staff in Sweden. Such was his success at enabling productivity in remote staff, that he was given responsibility for managing, coaching and mentoring staff in Germany, India, Singapore and Australia - all conducted remotely.

Neil is passionate about the role that virtual working has in the world, and shares his experience through our Remote Management Toolkit to help others to up-skill for success in the virtual space.

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