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Remote Management Toolkit part 3

Delivering Remote Feedback

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A practical look at how to give effective feedback when managing from a distance

Ensure that your remote feedback is always motivational, effective, and understood, and that it achieves its purpose of improving employee performance.

One of the biggest differences in remote or hybrid teams, is that team members don't get the feedback they need. The opportunities for brief check-ins is lost, and virtual communications often feel too formal for light-touch feedback. Add to this the fact that it's much harder to see what's going on when managing from a distance, and it's easy to see why remote employees can feel isolated, under-supported, and lacking direction.

Yet remote feedback isn't that hard to give, if managers and leaders understand the similarities and differences from face-to-face working.

In this highly-practical module, you'll learn how to use a simple yet effective structure to give feedback to team members. You'll also learn about the pitfalls of giving feedback when remote, and how to avoid them, and how to frame your feedback properly so that it's well received every time.

  • Understanding what feedback actually is... and what it isn't

  • Best practice in remote feedback

  • The remote feedback check-list for delivering effective feedback

  • Delivering remote feedback using the EAR model
  • A new and empowering definition of Feedback which has greater impact

  • Improved ability to consider how feedback will be received

  • Personalised best-practice checklist for delivering remote feedback where you work

  • A simply yet effective framework for delivering feedback every time

Leaders and managers who need to give more effective feedback to remote team members, and ensure that the feedback they're giving has the impact they need it to have.

Knowledge Bites are acknowledged experts in the virtual facilitation space. Director, Neil Shorney, has been leading remote teams since 2004, when he had a co-located team in the UK and remote staff in Sweden. Such was his success at enabling productivity in remote staff, that he was given responsibility for managing, coaching and mentoring staff in Germany, India, Singapore and Australia - all conducted remotely.

Neil is passionate about the role that virtual working has in the world, and shares his experience through our Remote Management Toolkit to help others to up-skill for success in the virtual space.

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