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Remote Leadership

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A practical workshop about what remote leadership is and how to become a remote leader

Take your current leadership skills up a level to become an effective remote leader by applying what you already know when leading virtual or hybrid teams.

Many leaders know what works when leading their teams. Yet they rely heavily on being 'in person', and on the charisma and spur-of-the-moment approach which they've used successfully for many years. However, with remote leadership things become harder. The spontaneity is missing when leading remotely, and the impact of personality and pep-talks across a desk is reduced.

However, remote leadership doesn't mean learning a whole new set of leadership skills: it just means making some tweaks, and applying those skills in different ways.

In this practical yet reflective module, participants will learn the key elements of their own leadership style, and how to adapt these for the virtual world. This will enable them to become remote leaders who are as effective as they are when they operate in-person.

What is inspirational remote leadership?
  • Identifying the leadership traits
  • Mentimeter as an ideas-gathering tool
  • 3 goals: Optimism, Team Spirit and Engagement

Measuring remote leadership effectiveness
  • Assessing your ability against the 3 goals
  • Critical remote leadership tasks
  • How remote leadership tasks achieve the goals

Communicating with your team at a distance
  • The Mehrabian communication model
  • Applying the model in remote leadership
  • Using the ARBA model to communicate with impact

Developing performance from a distance
  • Linking communication, feedback and coaching
  • Defining feedback and remote feedback
  • Delivering feedback remotely using EAR

Remote coaching as a development tool
  • Understanding how coaching fits in
  • Using COURAGE™ to coach remotely
  • Developing your own remote coaching questions

Adding value to a virtual team
  • Mentoring in a virtual relationship
  • Running effective virtual team meetings
  • Empowering teams using technology
A new appreciation of remote leadership
  • Optimism for the possibilities
  • Understanding of key differences in leading remotely
  • Clear leadership goals for virtual team success

Clear, re-usable models for leadership success
  • Repeatable practices for immediate use
  • The EAR model for delivering feedback
  • The COURAGE™ model for coaching team members

Check-lists and templates
  • Personal remote coaching question bank
  • Knowledge Bites' 100-question coaching tool
  • Clear understanding of remote leadership elements

Personal action plan for embracing virtual teams
  • Clear actions to improve remote skills
  • Accountability to others for success
  • Enthusiasm and confidence to make changes

Leaders and managers who have experience of leading a face-to-face team, and now need to adapt these skills to the virtual leadership world by building on their current expertise.

Knowledge Bites are acknowledged experts in the virtual space. Director, Neil Shorney, has been leading teams remotely since 2004, when he ran a hybrid team for an international project management consultancy. His success in leading this team (without the benefit of video calls) led to him gradually growing his empire to include employees on 5 continents.

Neil feels strongly that virtual is a benefit rather than a hindrance to teams and business success. Anyone can thrive in the virtual space, if given the right tools and techniques to do so.

Delivery method Client delivery
1-day face-to-face £1,500
Face-to-face bite-size (assuming 3 sessions scheduled for same day) £1,500
Virtual delivery - 4 sessions, 1 week apart £2,000
2-hour Virtual bite-size £500

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