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Recruitment Skills

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Build a personalised recruitment process

Take control of your recruitment with this hands-on training course to ensure you recruit the right people for the right jobs.

Recruiting can be one of the most stressful parts of a leadership role. The high potential impact of recruiting the wrong person and the risks involved in trying to make a decision before your top candidate is snapped up by another employer can make the process difficult. The effect which selecting the wrong employee can have on a team can make the fall-out last for a long time.

In this highly-interactive course, you'll build your own personalised recruitment process under the expert guidance of the instructor as you analyse your business, the role, the requirements from the new employee, and the process to get the best person on board. You'll learn how a list of interview questions can stifle your ability to assess candidates, and how recruiting someone into the wrong role can have many repercussions. You'll also understand how equal opportunities regulations can affect your recruitment process, and how to describe the job in such a way that only the most relevant people apply. The course closes with a look at the on-boarding process to ensure that your new recruit is motivated from day one.

What does recruitment involve?
  • The different aspects of recruitment
  • Skills required to recruit effectively
  • Behaviours to master

Defining the role
  • Understanding what I'm recruiting for
  • Being clear on skills and behaviours to succeed
  • Identifying the ideal candidate

Attracting the right candidates
  • Considering what candidates want
  • Creating the Wow Factor in the description
  • Knowing where your candidates "hang out"

Screening CVs
  • The first 30 seconds - what to look for
  • CV warning signs
  • Seeing through candidate "marketing"

Interviewing skills
  • How to structure an interview
  • Developing questions to spot superstars
  • What to look for in an interview

Selling the job to the candidate
  • Asking the right questions to identify drivers
  • Turning features of the job into benefits
  • Gaining commitment from the candidate

Working with Recruitment Consultants
  • What makes a good & bad recruiter
  • Being clear what you need from a recruiter
  • Being firm with recruiter tactics

On-boarding your new recruits
  • Making recruitment work
  • Delighting your new recruit
  • Delivering the skills needed to perform
  • Job spec template
  • Example interview structures
  • Sample emails to recruiters

CV screening tool-kit
  • CV-screening check-list
  • CV warning signs help-sheet
  • Email template for further candidate info

Interview confidence
  • Know how to balance asking and giving info
  • Confidence to ask the right questions
  • Ability to deal with interview curve-balls

On-boarding plan
  • Candidate welcome letter template
  • Sample on-boarding plan
  • Suggested exercises for self-directed on-boarding

Team leaders and managers who need to improve their recruitment process and interview skills to recruit the right people every time.

Recruitment is something about which we are incredibly passionate. As you work to build a highly-performing team, it's vital that you have the right team members on board, and that they stay with the company for a long time. With 14 years of recruitment experience, Neil Shorney, director and principal instructor, rightly sees this as one of the most important parts of running a successful team.

Having interviewed literally hundreds of candidates for various roles, Neil has in-depth knowledge of this important area. Neil had a comprehensive article on recruitment published in the summer 2012 issue of Winning Edge, the magazine of the Institute of Sales Management. Taking this course with Navanter will give a huge jump start to your recruitment process.

Delivery method Client delivery
2-day face-to-face £2,800
1-day face-to-face £1,500
Face-to-face bite-size (assuming 3 sessions scheduled for same day) £1,500
Virtual delivery - 4 sessions, 1 week apart £2,000
Virtual bite-size £500

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