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I was able to implement time management and prioritisation techniques straight away to benefit me and my co-workers.
    - Shaun Paskin, Governors For Schools, UK

Take control of your most prescious resource: time

Understand what you should be working on, and what you shouldn't, then fit it effectively into your working week.

This practical workshop has been designed to enable you to work more effectively by prioritising the different requirements of your role, and manage your time in order to complete you most important tasks to the best of your ability. Using some of the most popular time management tools in the business world, you'll work on your own real to-do list as you understand which tasks should be done asap, which can be scheduled or delegated, and which should really be dropped completely.

You'll learn to identify which tasks contribute most to the organisational strategy, and work with other participants to develop solutions to your own "time-stealers".

Understanding time-stealers
  • Identifying your time-stealers
  • Discovering the root-causes of time-stealers
  • Categorising your time-stealers

Working on the right tasks
  • Understanding how organisational strategy works
  • Identifying your Priority Goals
  • Aligning your tasks to your Priority Goals

Managing the workload
  • The Urgent-Important matrix
  • Getting comfortable with letting go
  • Finding the right support to delegate or drop tasks

Managing your time
  • The Navanter Time Management process
  • Getting organised
  • Using the process

Prioritising your tasks
  • Working on the right tasks, in the right order
  • Prioritising the high-value tasks
  • Ensuring the lower-value tasks get completed as well

Understanding your own productivity
  • Attention and concentration
  • Chunking up your workload
  • Increasing focus during work sprints

Removing your time-stealers
  • Solving from People, Processes or Problems
  • Reducing or removing your time-stealers
  • Preventing time-stealers by saying "no" nicely

Planning for better time management
  • Taking a long-term view
  • Creating a daily-plan
  • Scheduling for success
Understanding of the link from task to strategy
  • Ability to prioritise, delegate or drop tasks
  • Greater focus on the value of tasks to the strategy
  • More efficient working practices

Enhanced self-awareness of approach to workload
  • Willingness to delegate tasks to the best person
  • Greater understanding of own strengths
  • Ensuring staff work on the right tasks at the best time

More effective teams
  • Teams with mutual understanding of time challenges
  • More supportive employees
  • Increased appreciation of the challenges of others

Proactive approach to time management
  • Planning for the future to be strategic in the present
  • Greater ability to evolve with changing circumstances
  • Less time wasted on pointless or low-value tasks

Anyone in a leadership or senior sales position, who wants to understand which work best aligns to the strategy, and to fit those tasks more effectively into the day.

Since the Credit Crunch of 2008, business leaders have been expected to do more with less. The efficiencies which were made to get companies through the financial crisis have been kept right into the economic recovery. This means that organisations need to be leaner, more efficient, and more flexible. Today's leaders have huge demands on their time, but many are ill-equipped to manage these demands effectively.

At Navanter, we are unique in the market place, with our background in sales and business development, leadership, and with the organisational skills which come from effective project management. In this course, we bring the key prioritisation skills used by senior executives, and put them to work to help anyone effectively manage their busy schedule and volume of work.

Delivery method Client delivery
2-day face-to-face £3,600
1-day face-to-face £1,900
Face-to-face bite-size (assuming 2 sessions scheduled for same day) £1,900
Virtual delivery - 4 sessions, 1 week apart £2,400
3-hour Virtual bite-size £1,900

Learn more about our delivery formats.

Excellent as always Neil! Have already put some key areas in place as have the rest of the team.
    - Hannah Stolton, Governors For Schools, UK

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