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Presenting from a Panel

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Take your existing presentation skills into a new environment

Understand the unique opportunities and challenges involved in presenting from a panel, and learn how to set and achieve your objective to stand out from the crowd.

There's something unique about presenting from a panel which can make even the most seasoned presenter think twice. Many people are extremely comfortable standing on a platform alone in front of a large crowd and delivering an engaging talk about their organisation, a new product, an opinion on a world event, and so on. If you're delivering a presentation then there are a number of things on your side. You have control of the room. You decide what happens. You choose when (or if) the audience gets to ask questions.

But when you're appearing on a panel, the rules of the game change. No longer are you in control, and no longer are you delivering your own presentation. You need to stand out from the crowd but someone else is managing the event. And that brings a whole new set of challenges.

Fortunately, there's plenty you can do to still shine, both in terms of pre-event preparation, and skills you can use live when you're taking part. This course tells you everything you need to know.

The unique conditions of presenting from a panel
  • What's different in a panel discussion?
  • Considering why you are there
  • The value you bring to the audience

Doing your homework
  • The best preparation for taking part in a panel
  • The different roles in a typical panel
  • Positioning yourself for panel success

Showcasing your "professional presence"
  • How to be confident within the panel
  • Creating an impactful panel introduction statement
  • Setting out your viewpoint on a panel

Structuring your message
  • Crafting a message that will be remembered
  • Reinforcing key points throughout the event
  • Engaging the audience's brains on key points

Interacting with the audience
  • Deciding what interaction you want
  • Managing the audience towards your goal
  • Preparing for a variety of questions

Handling differences of opinion
  • Handling differences confidently
  • Preventing common differences from being voiced
  • Handling negative reactions positively

Panel presentation skills
  • Projecting stage presence even when seated
  • Keeping the attention of the whole audience
  • Bringing a wayward discussion back on track

Personal development plan
  • Understanding your performance gap
  • Finding low-risk opportunities to practise
  • Creating a personal success action plan
Practical tools
  • Pre-event check-list to maximise success
  • Repeatable structure for many panel situations
  • Solid techniques to deliver confidently

Increased confidence on a panel
  • Know how to prep for success
  • What to do to thrive on the panel
  • Reduce uncertainty by creating connections

Share real-life experiences with others
  • Learn from your experienced trainers experience
  • Brainstorm with other participants
  • Gain insights into what audiences expect at a panel

Personal action plan
  • Create your panel participation strategy
  • Develop an action plan to become a panel expert
  • Form accountability and support partnerships

Anyone who has to deliver an impactful message as part of a panel. This course is suitable for those who already have experience delivering traditional presentations, or experienced employees who need to present from a panel.

Knowledge Bites are experts in selling, and not just when that selling is done by a salesperson. We recognise that often the people who have to promote an organisation are often more technical members of staff, such as those who might be selected to take part in a panel discussion. It's often these people who have the technical knowledge to contribute to a detailed discussion, but they're often less comfortable with clearly communicating the benefits an organisation can bring to the market.

Having worked extensively with these hidden salespeople, Knowledge Bites is perfectly placed to bring the softer skills required to deliver a high-impact message, in a way which gives any employee the confidence to thrive in a panel situation.

Delivery method Client delivery
2-day face-to-face £3,600
1-day face-to-face £1,900
Face-to-face bite-size (assuming 3 sessions scheduled for same day) £1,900
Virtual delivery - 4 sessions, 1 week apart £2,400
Virtual bite-size £800

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