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Get inside a business to maximise your performance

Learn how organisations work, and reach your potential in the workplace.

Navanter Business Essentials is a learning revolution. Delivered either online or face-to-face, it's an engaging blend of:

  • Online video, live online training, face-to-face training, or a blend of all 3
  • Discussions in the Turbo-charge Your Career Facebook group
  • Reflection questions
  • Action plans
  • Personalised feedback
  • Online coaching

The days of spending an entire career in the same organisation are long gone, and that brings challenges for companies, who lose valued employees to other organisations. It's equally a problem to employees themselves, who are constantly looking for that next step in their careers but don't really know how to get there in a structured way. Typically, employees get trained in how to perform in their current role, but it's rare for someone to learn how to perform at the next level up. It's also unusual for people to learn about other areas of a business and how interactions take place.

And that's where Navanter Business Essentials comes in - an 18-week blended learning programme giving participants new knowledge about how an organisation works, what their current skill set is, and how to manage a career path within their current organisation to achieve the best result both for employee and employer.

The benefits for the organisation are better-performing staff, aligned to the strategy, who know what their strengths are, and who are prepared to work on their development areas. By taking a deep dive into the workings of the company, employees are guided to recognise career goals in their own organisation, embracing new possibilities and dramatically reducing the risk of needing to hire externally.

And the employee benefits in the same way - a greater knowledge of career possibilities, and the tools to create and embrace opportunities to grow their career in the direction they desire, whilst benefitting from the in-depth knowledge which comes from staying with an organsation for multiple career steps.

Business overview
  • How businesses work
  • Vision, Mission & Strategy
  • Stakeholders and influences

  • What a strategy is (and isn't)
  • Developing a strategy
  • Aligning work to strategy

Tour of the departments
  • The 9 main business functions
  • Understanding business responsibilities and KPIs
  • How different departments affect each other

Leading organisational change
  • Leading change from the start
  • Guiding others through business change
  • Managing change

  • Understanding communication styles
  • Recognising strengths and weaknesses
  • Working with others through improved communication

  • Understanding the different relationships that exist
  • Coaching others
  • Conflict management

Career planning
  • Identifying your goal
  • Assessing your current skill set
  • Planning to gain the skills you need to succeed
Greater business knowledge
  • Improved interaction with other departments
  • Better understanding of how work impacts strategy
  • Joined-up thinking around business problems

A deeper self-awareness
  • Deep understanding of the role of personality styles
  • Appreciation of strengths and weaknesses
  • Techniques to quickly develop rapport with others

Increased commercial awareness
  • Ability to link all areas of business
  • Understanding the effect of other roles on sales
  • A greater awareness of costs, profits and finance

A skill-set for the future
  • Improved awareness of personal skill sets
  • Clearer career goals
  • Increased knowledge of attributes needed to succeed

Aspiring employees and middle managers who need to understand how their responsibilities fit into a whole organisation to have greater appreciation of, and impact on, strategy.

Navanter Business Essentials is a new breed of training course for people who can't necessarily afford the time out of the office to attend in a training room. A true blended learning experience, you'll use multiple modalities to gain the skills you need to work better in your current role and your next, setting youself up for promotion.

This innovative learning experience takes place through 9 modules over a period of 18 weeks. Through the facilitated Facebook discussions, you'll gain from others' experience around the world in diverse industries, as well as from the course content. The format of the course works like this:


Before the course starts, there's some pre-work to get you in the right mind-set for gaining maximum benefit from the training

Nine course modules to understand how businesses work.

There are 3 options for the training modules:

1-hour live online option:

Delivered live over the internet, with the live sessions running at a variety of times to suit participants around the world, these high-impact training sessions deliver essential content through models, concepts, and discussions. As the sessions are recorded, it means if you miss one, you can catch up quickly and easily.

1-hour recorded online option:

If you don't have the budget for the live version, or there's not a programme starting when you need it to, you can get the same content with our recorded option. Recorded with a live group, these high-impact training sessions deliver essential content through models concepts and discussions. You can attend the recorded session at any time over a 2-week period for each module.

Face-to-face option:

Some people, and some organisations, prefer the experience of being face-to-face with the trainer in a training room. In which case, our face-to-face option, with 2-hour modules running approximately once every 2 weeks, will be the best option, enabling more hands-on work and exercises to deliver the content.

Reflection exercise

After each session, there's a reflection exercise, guided by targeted questions to help you apply the learning in your job straight away and fill in your own knowledge gaps.

Group discussion

Using Navanter's Turbo-charge Your Career Facebook group, you'll discuss all elements of the course with other participants, with guidance from the trainer to ensure participants really add value to each other.

Personal Action Plan

Taking your newly-acquired knowledge from each module, you'll complete a targeted Personal Action Plan as you decide what new skills you need to achieve your career goals in the way which best benefits both you as an individual, and your employer. Your new understanding of your strengths means you can take a proactive approach to development and career planning which benefits everyone.

Live sessions & group coaching

At various points throughout the course, the trainer will host a live group coaching session in the Turbo-charge Your Career Facebook group to add further contextualisation and answer questions about real-life business issues.

This truly blended learning solution gives maximum flexibility, diversity of training modalities, and the opportunity to really apply learning to real life over a period of 18 weeks.

Delivery method Client delivery price
Live online £1,900
Recorded online £800
Face-to-face Dependent on location
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