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How To Take Minutes

in a Meeting

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A complete guide to taking minutes in meetings, whether face-to-face or virtual

Learn to take minutes like a minute taking professional so that the minutes are accurate and clear, and you're left stress free afterwards.

Taking minutes is a tough job - you're in a meeting with people who know a lot more about the topic that you do, yet you need to create an accurate record of everything that's said. But all is not lost - there are tools and techniques you can use to help you take meeting minutes much more effectively. This course contains all the skills you need to succeed in this difficult environment.

In this highly practical course, you'll learn everything you need to set yourself up for minute taking success, from the pre-meeting set-up to how to effectively take your notes during the meeting, through to how to write minutes which have the right level of detail for the meetings you're involved in.

What exactly are effective meeting minutes?
  • Defining meeting minutes
  • Types of meetings and minuting requirements
  • What sort of minutes should I be writing?

Role of a minute taker
  • A minute taker's key tasks
  • Why the minute taker is vital in all meetings
  • Raising the status of the minute taker

Setting yourself up for minute taking success
  • Key actions before the meeting...
  • ...during the meeting...
  • ...and after the meeting

Collaborating with the Chair
  • How to work with the Chair for meeting success
  • Creating an effective agenda
  • Understanding how the meeting will run

Your key to minute-taking success
  • Actively listening during meetings
  • Diverse options for note-taking
  • Hands-on practice taking meeting notes

Creating your minutes
  • How to write minutes for different meetings
  • Formatting your minutes for the reader
  • Capturing the key points without the padding

Managing the minute approvals
  • How to manage the post-meeting admin
  • Avoidng attendees editing your minutes
  • Arriving at an approved set of minutes

Troubleshooting and minute taking practice
  • Minute taking Q&A
  • Common pitfalls when taking minutes
  • Hands-on minute taking practice
Increased confidence as a minute taker
  • Recognition of the importance of the role
  • Confidence to speak up when required in meetings
  • Influence Chair and participants for better minutes

Improved note-taking
  • Experience of trying different techniques
  • Clearer notes, logically organised
  • Improved accuracy of minutes

Minute taking templates
  • A selection of minute templates to use at work
  • Awareness of requirements of different meetings
  • Tools to use right out of the box

Better minutes, that others will use
  • More effective final minutes
  • Saved time throughout the minute-taking process
  • Improved completion of post-meeting actions
Anyone who has to take meeting minutes, either as a full-time job in an organisation, or as an ad-hoc task as part of a different role.

As a professional, sales-focused training company, we recognise the importance of strong business practices to drive an organisation forwards, and ensure that back-office admin tasks are completed effectively and professionally. Through our work with leaders, we discovered a long time ago that if meetings, actions and decisions aren't documented effectively, then things just don't happen as they should.

Through his experience as a salesperson, manager and consultant, Neil Shorney, principal training consultant and coach, is hugely experienced in identifying key points and actions from longer, verbose conversations, and distilling those points down to clearly communicate the heart of a message. And that's what every minute-taker should be able to do.

During this course, Neil shows anyone who needs to take minutes, how to listen out for the key information in a meeting, and ensure that the right level of detail is captured so that all meetings drive the organisation forward, rather than the vital information being lost for ever.

Delivery method Client delivery
1-day face-to-face £1,500
Virtual delivery - 4 sessions, 1 week apart £2,000

Learn more about our delivery formats.

To learn more about how to take minutes in a meeting, check out our article about how to take minutes in meetings. Or why not download our list of minute-taking vocabulary to liven up your minutes and improve the accuracy of the minutes you produce?

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