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Delegation Skills

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A hands-on course where you'll plan what to delegate, and how to do it

Learn which tasks are most suitable to delegate to others, and how to keep control of the quality of the output.

This action-focussed workshop will equip you to delegate effectively to others in a way which will maximise the probability of the task being completed to the right standard. We’ll explore a selection of tools to help you identify the most suitable tasks to delegate, and then to communicate these tasks effectively to the other person for action.

Delegation resistance
  • Why we don't delegate
  • Your personal delegation excuses
  • Finding solutions to your delegation blockers

What to delegate
  • The Urgent-Important matrix
  • Simple vs developmental delegation
  • The most suitable tasks to delegate

How to delegate effectively
  • Delegation blockers
  • Motivation in delegation
  • WIIFMs and a deeper purpose

Delegating without authority
  • Understanding the 3 non-authority relationships
  • The challenges in delegating upwards
  • Techniques to delegate without authority

Communication in a delegation context
  • Communicating based on current performance levels
  • Understanding performance levels on a task
  • Creating motivated high-performers

Delegation best-practice rules
  • How to delegate effectively
  • Personalising the rules
  • Setting yourself up for delegation success

Bringing it all together
  • Delegating a real task to another person
  • Getting the language and tone right for buy-in
  • Communicating your task and receiving feedback

Action planning for effective delegation
  • Identifying your quick wins
  • Getting support from your company
  • Benefits of a new approach
Delegating the right tasks
  • Understanding what can be delegated
  • Tasks which bring the best return on time investment
  • List of tasks to delegate after the course

Performance framework
  • Understand different performance levels
  • Delegating differently by situation
  • Easy-to-use performance assessment grid

Delegation best-practice rules
  • Personal delegation check-list
  • Better planning before delegating a task
  • Ensure all areas are considered when delegating

Hands-on delegation experience
  • Delegate a real task to another person
  • Personalise your language to performance level
  • Confidence to delegate back in the office

Leaders and employees who feel they spend too much time completing tasks which aren't best-aligned to their skill-set or role, and who would like to delegate those effectively to more suitable colleagues, regardless of whether those colleagues are direct reports or not.

Navanter is known for bridging the gap between sales and delivery by bringing our project management experience to salespeople and leaders. Delegating can be viewed as small-scale project management, and bringing the skills from the project management world vastly increases the effectiveness of delegation conversations.

At Navanter, we believe that everyone should be doing tasks which are at the right level to motivate them and contribute to the organisation's goal. By delegating effectively, you ensure you and others are working on the right tasks, in the right way, to the right quality.

Delivery method Client delivery
2-day face-to-face £3,600
1-day face-to-face £1,900
Face-to-face bite-size (assuming 3 sessions scheduled for same day) £1,900
Virtual delivery - 4 sessions, 1 week apart £2,400
Virtual bite-size £800

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