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Informative and thought provoking - came away with lots of questions about how we take things forward.
    - Hannah Stolton, Governors For Schools, London, UK

A truly immersive workshop to awaken the creative potential of managers and individual contributors alike

Dive into the world of the best innovative and creative thinkers, as you use cutting-edge creative thinking tools to solve your business problems live during this creativity & innovation training course.

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It's well known that children are amazingly creative thinkers, but that over time, through the influence of school, further education, and experiences in the workplace, that creativity is stifled and "educated out". We're taught to conform, and for that reason, many of us really struggle to be creative and innovative.

This is a huge problem for businesses, because when a problem rears its head, the natural reaction is to think "how did we solve the last problem" and then tweak that for the new situation. But as the famous quote goes...

If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got.
    - Albert Einstein (quite a clever chap)

We've not only forgotten how to innovate - even if we have a go, we're concerned that the ideas are too far outside the box and won't work anyway.

In this totally immersive creativity & innovation training course, you'll use cutting-edge tools designed to enable even the most traditional thinker, to jump outside the box and solve business problems in a way to make even Albert Einstein proud!

Setting the right mindset for creativity
  • Where does creativity & innovation happen?
  • What conditions should we create to be creative?
  • Who can contribute to problem-solving discussions?

The creative problem-solving process
  • How we naturally solve problems
  • How to unleash creativity to solve problems
  • Mapping out the creativity & innovation process

Analysing a problem
  • Reflective questions to understand problems
  • Considering the impact of a problem
  • Beginning to create possible solutions

Understanding the surrounding landscape
  • Using STACK to analyse your organisation
  • External influences on an organisation
  • Performing an influences analysis

Creating solutions to problems
  • Our problems with creative thinking
  • Creative thinking techniques
  • Group facilitation techniques for creativity

Selecting the right solution
  • Narrow down solutions to those which could work
  • Deciding on "second choice" solutions
  • Ensuring the right solution is chosen
Thorough understanding of creative thinking
  • Knowing what creative thinking actually is
  • Awareness of when creativity is happening
  • Ability to overcome creativity barriers

Huge creativity toolkit
  • Take part in a creativity & innovation workshop
  • Huge selection of creativity & innovation tools
  • Knowing when different techniques are useful

Confidence to be creative
  • Experience of taking part "live" during course
  • Proven, repeatable creativity process
  • Confidence of choosing the right solution

Ability to facilitate creativity
  • Step-by-step instructions to run exercises
  • Facilitation techniques to involve a group
  • Personal STACK question bank to use at work

Anyone who needs to be more creative in their approach to work and to overcoming obstacles. Managers will gain the tools they need to foster creativity & innovation in their teams, employees will gain the confidence that all voices are vital in driving a business through challenges.

As a Navanter brand, Knowledge Bites is committed to excellence throughout a business, always driven by the opportunity to make organisations more competitive and to help them stand out from the competition. Creativity for innovative problem solving is vital in this area - only truly creative companies can differentiate themselves and gain a competitive edge.

Course author and principal trainer, Neil Shorney, has managed teams through the dot-come bubble bursting, terrorist activity, major recessions, and, most recently, managed a business through the coronavirus pandemic. And in all these circumstances, it was the ability to be nimble, agile, and creative, which ensured the businesses solved problems creatively, and came stronger out the other side.

Every single technique in this practical workshop has been used first-hand by Neil with teams over the past two decades. Neil brings a wealth of experience to this vital and fun topic.

Delivery method Client delivery Open delivery
Virtual delivery - 4 sessions, 1 week apart £2,000 -
3-hour Virtual bite-size £700 £220

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