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Communicating Your Needs in

Challenging Situations

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A reflective and practical workshop to examine emotions and needs in a business context

Gain a deeper understanding of how you feel when things are tough at work, and why you feel the way you do. Then, discover what your deeper needs are in the workplace, and how to ask others for things which will make you feel better.

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In any workplace, there are times of stress for employees. But equally, what causes one person stress might not be the same trigger as for someone else. This can lead to damaged relationships, demotivation, and increased conflict in the workplace.

It's natural for people to want to get themselves back to a place of comfort. Unfortunately, that often has a negative impact on someone else or another department, leading to a vicious circle of disagreements and conflict within teams, between teams, and across organisations.

Yet if individuals could communicate their needs with increased empathy and in a way that didn't contradict the needs of others, then relationships across the organisation would work much better. Satya Nadella is well-known for taking this approach at Microsoft when he took over from Steve Ballmer in 2014.

In this highly reflective workshop, you'll learn how to make neutral observations of what's going on around you, how to understand your feelings when these events take place, how to identify your needs in the workplace, and how to make a reasonable request of others in order for those needs to be met. Without causing more conflict along the way!

Venting your frustrations
  • Why venting frustrations can be a good thing
  • The real dangers inherent in venting frustrations
  • "Getting it off your chest" - live venting session!

How emotions work
  • The path from trigger event to reaction
  • Reacting vs Responding to triggers
  • Breaking the cycle of conflict in relationships

Using Nonviolent Communication in dialogue
  • The 4 steps of NVC
  • Using NVC with natural language
  • How a new approach can bring new results

A deep dive into NVC
  • Observing without blaming
  • Accurately pinpointing your feelings
  • The deeper need behind your surface need

Creating reasonable requests of others
  • Using your new insights to make reasonable requests
  • Being aware of the needs of the other person
  • Finding a shared benefit of change

Applying NVC in real life
  • Using NVC to overcome difficulties
  • Helping others to resolve conflict as an observer
  • Dealing with your frustrations
New sense of positivity in the workplace
  • Relief at having expressed genuine frustrations
  • Confidence to use a new, collaborative approach
  • Sense of empowerment to resolve negative feelings

Takeaway resources
  • NVC cheat sheet
  • Feelings identification tool
  • List of needs in the workplace

Greater empathy for others
  • Awareness of the impact we can have on others
  • Understanding of how to break conflict cycles
  • Consideration of colleagues when making requests

Hands-on examples to use at work
  • Effective, repeatable conversation structures
  • Time to share ideas with others on work problems
  • Ideas to implement to resolve work frustrations

Any employees, at any level in an organisation, who recognise that the best environment for working is one where feelings can be expressed in a constructive way to reduce stress and conflict in the workplace.

At Knowledge Bites, we've worked with organisations around the world and in almost every industry. And whilst there are many things which are unique to countries, sectors and individual organisations, there are other things which we've seen again and again. One of those, is disruption to teams and across teams due to team members and managers expressing their frustrations in ways which cause further conflict.

And as a training company with sales and business growth at our heart, we don't like to see disagreements which are easily preventable, having a negative impact on an organisation's ability to succeed and grow, nor on the quality of work done for valued clients.

In this course, we use our extensive experience of communication skills and relationships to show how simple changes can have an incredibly stabilising effect on an organisation, and how it can begin employees on the journey of all working towards the same goals, and using diverse personalities to achieve goals rather than frustrate them.

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Virtual bite-size £500

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