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A practical workshop to help you build a professional network that works for you

Learn what an effective professional network is, how your network can help you in your job, and how you can add value to others as you create win-win partnerships with people inside and outside your organisation.

There are two ways to network in a business context: the haphazard “throw enough mud at the wall and hope some sticks” method, or the strategic, planned approach.

Whilst the “potluck” method can work, it carries with it a number of risks:

  • It’s not an effective use of your time
  • It risks connecting you with the wrong people
  • Members of your network don’t see you bringing relevant value to them
  • It can irritate the people you should be trying to impress
  • Too many rejections can result in social media black-listing

On this training course, you’ll explore the subject of networking in depth, taking a strategic approach, and focusing on ensuring others see the value in connecting with you as you build strong, win-win business relationships with your ideal connections.

Internal networking
  • Why is internal networking important?
  • Deciding on your internal networking goals
  • Finding your right people for your network

External networking
  • Why is external networking important?
  • The reasons for your external network
  • Identifying your target network members

What should your network look like?
  • Creating a balanced and effective network
  • The value different people can bring to you
  • Mapping your desired network for strategic growth

Why would anyone want to network with you?
  • What's your personal USP?
  • How can you bring value to others?
  • Crafting your personal elevator pitch

Delivering on your networking promises
  • The multi-touch networking principle
  • Keeping top-of-mind status with your network
  • Raising your network's perception of you

Taking full advantage of your network
  • Identifying opportunities to use your network
  • Bringing value, not being a pest
  • Balancing give-and-take for a win-win outcome
A wider view on what networking is
  • Ability to think beyond obvious connections
  • Understanding of the value others can bring
  • Personal target network map

Understanding of the value you bring to others
  • Balanced appreciation of networking
  • Focus on shared value and win-win outcomes
  • Clear view on how to communicate your value

Check-lists and templates
  • Personalised networking "pitch script"
  • Strategic network building plan
  • Multi-touch network nurturing process

Personal network building action plan
  • Specific actions to grow your network
  • To-do list of how to bring value to others
  • Confidence to grow your network proactively

Professionals who recognise that to person is an island in the business world. Business people who would like to create success for themselves and others through providing mutual value across a professional network.

As a sales-focused organisation, we know the value a professional network can bring - it's a big part of how salespeople operate. We also recognise that a professional network can help people in almost any role to operate more effectively, and create relationships which lead to business success.

Navanter Knowledge Bites' founder, Neil Shorney, was one of the first million members of the leading professional networking platform, LinkedIn, and has been growing a mutually-beneficial network with colleagues and external professionals alike since 2004.

Delivery method Client delivery
1-day face-to-face £1,500
Face-to-face bite-size (assuming 3 sessions scheduled for same day) £1,500
Virtual delivery - 4 sessions, 1 week apart £2,000
2-hour Virtual bite-size £500

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