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Bites™ ...a Navanter brand

A positive impact from an innovative training company

Through our Knowledge Bites brand, Navanter seeks to make a positive impact both on the world, and those we share it with. As an innovative company (we were one of the pioneers of virtual training way back in 2011), we believe in using our skills and talents to support others wherever we can. For 2024, we're focusing on a number of areas.

Carbon-negative business

Navanter and Navanter Knowledge Bites is a carbon-negative business. That means we operate in a way that removes more carbon from the atmosphere than we emit. For more info, see the environmental policy page on the main Navanter website.

Supporting charities

In 2024, we are continuing to offer free training for charities. This is a programme of training, offered virtually, completely free of charge for any charities who would like to benefit from it. Throughout 2024 we'll be offering training from a variety of our courses.

Waste and recycling

We try to keep our waste to an absolute minimum, and operate a paperless office. Of course, as a training company, there are certain products which we need for our face-to-face training. We ensure that all paper products are recycled where possible, and that anything left at the end of our face-to-face training courses is either reused or recycled.