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Free high-quality webinars from Knowledge Bites

We regularly run free webinars for anyone to attend in order to boost skills and knowledge. Here's our current selection...

Live Webinars in English

What is cash-flow? A guide for salespeople and project managers

Date & time: Thursday 9th June, 12pm BST (1pm CET)

Take 30 minutes out of your day to learn how cashflow is a vital part of business... explained for non-finance people. This short knowledge bite is helpful for anyone who could use a little more knowledge of how a business works, and why finance departments do the things they do!
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Also, check out next Wednesday's webinar to help sales managers lead remotely

It's available on our parent site,, just here.

Recorded webinars in English

How To Use Zoom As A Host

Shortly after coronavirus threw the world into chaos, we ran a number of webinars on how to use Zoom to run meetings, workshops and training courses online. They were very informal, and an opportunity to share thoughts with others, see Zoom's functionality and how to harness it, and try some things out live online. Here's the video from one of those sessions, and our Zoom cheat sheet.
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Take Control Of Your Career

In this 60-minute session, we look at how to take a proactive role in your career journey, what the single toughest obstacle is to career satisfaction (and how to overcome it), and how to plan for your own success.
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How Project Managers Can Collaborate With The Sales Team To Delight The Customer

A webinar from our parent brand, Navanter, this popular topic has been featured on project management websites as far away as Kenya. There's a growing realisation that project managment and sales teams should work more closely together - here's how it's done.
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Webinars en français

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